In House


    Twiss Audio mixes everything from albums to movies at our in-house studio, and we record VOs and singers for commercials, audiobooks, and albums.  Thanks to its compact footprint, this studio is ideal for unsupervised mixing and editing, or smaller sessions with just one or two clients.  We have a ProTools system accompanied by pres from Neve, API, Chandler and Focusrite as well as AD/DA from Lavry Engineering.  If this means nothing to you, suffice it to say our equipment is top-notch. 


     For larger recording and editing sessions we have arrangements with several studios including one in the Loop.  These facilities are suitable for both post-production (VO, commercials, corporate material) and music recording and mixing.  They are appropriate for when the number of participants in a session is larger than 2 or 3 or for client approvals in a downtown location.


    We also provide a mobile recording solution for onsite recording of concerts, live performances or anything else that does not fit the studio model.  We have 56 track simultaneous recording capability in a very portable footprint, and offer mics from DPA, Neumann, ADK, Sennheiser, Shure, EV, AKG, and more and of course the above mentioned mic pres and AD/DA. 


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